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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Coconut

     The picture above shows that it's a rare kind.  This coconut is quite different from other coconut found along the beaches or on the mountains/farms.  Aside from its fruit color, this coconut or also known as Cocos nucifera 'Dwarf Golden Malay' is only 4m long( about 12 ft or more).

     From scientific research, it has been proven that the coconut contains plenty of mineral salts and vitamins (A, B, E).  The coconut meat and milk have many curative and nutritious properties, excellent food for babies.  Coconut milk impedes the development of diseases; forms healthy blood; builds strong and healthy organs; fortifies the stomach and intestines; and as such, is also a remedy in cases of weak and slow indigestion, colics and infirmities of the intestines.  Coconut milk is goof for nervous diseases, nervous debility and exhaustion, forgetfulness, weak lungs.

     Grated coconut meat mixed with grated carrots is good remedy against worms and parasites, especially if taken with an empty stomach.

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