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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Helpful Tips To Have A Restful Sleep

         Sleep is very important thing in our health.  Every day it is required to get 7-8 full sleep.   But because of many factors many find it so hard to have a pleasant one.   Most people nowadays find it difficult to get some sleep they needed to keep their body healthy.   I have here some tips to get better sleep based on my experiences and the people I’ve talked with regarding this.  These are:

1.             Especially on dinner time, serve no spicy foods.  It can make you stay awake even on your sleeping time.  Small plates must also be in dark color to make you in control of the amount you eat. 
2.             Take a hot bath before bedtime.  Not only can ease your tight muscles and make you relaxed all throughout the night, it helps you to get sleep immediately.
3.             Get up each morning the same time every day.  Even on weekends, make it a habit to have a regular wake-up time.  Maintain the time you get up and the time you go to sleep.
4.             Regular exercise in the morning can make you sleep well at night.  It is really advised to have some exercised so better have it early in the morning especially before breakfast.    If you can’t have it on weekdays because you have work, maybe on the weekends you can do that to stay fit.
5.             Have a proper sleep environment.  Make your room noise-free so you can sleep well.  Also avoid extreme temperature and light to make everything easy.
6.             Having late snack can disturb sleep.  There are some foods that can make you stay awake all night.  Besides, excessive hunger of fullness can also disturb sleep.  A cup of warm milk or banana or just a cookie is enough to quell hunger pains at night.  It is also advisable to not eat around 9-3 so your liver can replenish.  Even liquids (water), it is advisable not to drink too much to avoid waking up late to pee.
7.             Bed is only for sleep and sex.  All stimuli not associated with sleep must be removed.  For example, table wherein you work, TV, radio/stereos, DVD’s.  Activities such as working your homework, arguments with your partner, watching TV/movies, listening to music can interfere with sleep.  If after 10-15 minutes you are still awake, get out of the bed and go to another room and do something relaxing.

         These may be hard  to follow, but this can really help to have a restful sleep.  Everyone needs ample time to rest in order for the body and mind and soul to work well.   =)

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