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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How important is eating rice...

Rice, which is the main crop of our country (Philippines) is one of the many essential food.  In a day, we eat 3-5 times .  Eating rice in the morning or during lunch is good since we need much energy in our daily activities as we go through our journey in life.

Rice is very high in carbohydrates.  And it mean, it is high in energy.  It is low fat, gluten free, low NaCl, cholesterol and sugar.  Obviously, its all natural, having no additives or presevatives unless you put some when cooking.

             Rice is among the Go foods together with other cereals.  Whole grains such as rice are vital source of fiber.  Fiber foods help decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.  They also maintain blood sugar and insulin levels.  further, fiber foods assist with regular bowel movements and thus keep you feeling full longer.

           Rice intake should be good in quality.  Pick the good quality in the market :  one that is devoid of stones or other debris while harvesting; and also that is uniform in shape and color.

             There are many ways to cook the rice. You can cook it plain, you can cook it fried, and also you can cook it with a viand.  Some people often put flavor in it so it is satisfying to eat.  Some people also just eat rice with a fruit in their diet to keep them fit.  One has to be intellectually creative in cooking so it is enjoying to eat, so as having a good appetite in every meal.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Eat well and moderately!  =)


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