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Monday, August 22, 2011

Celtic Woman New Journey- Intro+The Sky & the Dawn & the Sun

                First time I saw this video today and I feel happy knowing Hayley Westenra was among the female group called CELTIC WOMAN.  The violin instrumental by Mairead Nesbitt did amaze me.  It was like I was filled with the emotional impact of the songs from the heart of these women; I was overwhelmed with surprise especially towards the end of the music video, the part of violin instrumental with matching dance steps to make the performance lively.  Really amazing video!  The one female group you’ll love to listen to repeatedly.  Check this video and you’ll see what I mean…..

Monday, August 8, 2011


  A poem  I made and kept for years is entitled THE STARS.  I just so missed stargazing with cousins, also with a friend that I thought of posting this short poem to everyone.  A lovely moments of dear loved ones especially when dreaming of something good in the future.


So many stars in the sky,
so high above me I like to reach them.
In the dark like a firefly
 on a tree, 
they flicker here & there 
like a precious  gem. 

From the east 
I saw a shooting star.
Falls so fast 
like a blink of an eye.

The stars a million miles away
that brights the dark sky, 
brings joy to my heart,
and takes my breath away.

Red-dy for Rainy Days

    Rainy days is here again!  Everyone must be well equipped with gears or gadgets for the season.  Like these things: 


 Red, for most is their personal favorite color.  Red, the color that brightens their blue days.  It's rainy season again, let's all get red-dy! haha!  In this blog there are photos of red items you must have to make you feel comfortable during the rainy season.  But no matter how you color the rainy days, you must be ready to prevent any illness as its consequence.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chicken Pandan Recipe

This is an amazingly delicious recipe that's just so easy to cook, anyone can make this at home.    The ingredients are can be easily found in a supermarket.  Anyone can also personalize this recipe as you like it the way it taste.  This makes a family serving.


9 pcs.          chicken fillets (medium size)
9 pcs.          matured pandan leaves
3 Tbsp.       worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp.       oyster sauce
1 tsp.          white pepper
1 cup          coconut milk
1/4 cup       white sugar
1 Tbsp.       sesame seeds
2 cups         cooking oil

How to cook:

 1.  Mix worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper, coconut milk, sugar, sesame seeds.
 2.  Marinate chicken fillets overnight.
 3.  Wrap the chicken in pandan leaves.
 4.  Deep fry until golden brown.
 5.  Serve with chili sauce