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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Summer’s already here and the best summer getaway as usual is the beach or island(s).  Anywhere in the Philippines do we have so many, so there’s no escape to miss the fun under the sun.

The following are my advice (or rules) for getting that perfect tan:

1.      Have a sun protection factor of 15 at the very least.  It should be oil-free and waterproof so you won’t end up feeling greasy.
2.     Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out into the waters.  This is for your skin to absorb what you’ve applied.
3.     Sun exposure should be reduced in time.  It is advisable to stay out under the sun for only 15 minutes, not prolong stay under the sun.  The heat of the sun these times is very painful and can cause skin cancer so it is a need.
4.     Reapply SPF lotion especially after swimming or sweating to ensure skin protection.  Any form of liquid can wash out what you’ve applied.
5.     Lastly, exfoliate your body first before applying, and enhance your glow with an after-sun lotion.  Also remember to hydrate your skin by drinking water and or keep it moisturized to prevent peeling as well as maintain an even skin tone.

With these rules in mind, I’m quite sure that you’ll get the awesome glow of tan.  Not only that, you also enjoy the summer fun with friends in the beach/island.  Summer is the best season to be with friends especially having adventures of nature.  It’s just that proper and hygienic ways should be practiced especially when health-conscious.  Life is beautiful!  Obey! ….and get that perfect color of tan.  =)  

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