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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Exercise is a physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning one’s mind and or any part of the body.  As we grow each and every day, exercise is a must to maintain and or achieve a healthy life.  Keeping ourselves fit by merely looking good and feeling good as well as work better.  With exercise, various organs and systems of our body are stimulated though activity and thus, work more effectively in each of our own jobs.  Through constant exercise, posture is improved and tones our supporting muscles of our body.  And not only is that, with proper exercise, one’s appearance improved as well as frequency of lower back pains is decreased. 
One obvious benefit of exercise is the reduce number of fat deposits.  Proper and constant exercise along with proper diet could result to that.  Another benefit is the ability to relax and tolerate fatigue.  Exercise also improves muscle tones.  It is also an advantage in good health since kidney and liver functions very well, as well as blood circulation and volume.

Personally, the best exercise is walking a few kilometers everyday early in the morning.  I believe that since breathing fresh air in the morning clears the mind from stress.  Aside from that, I have fun seeing views of nature.  I really enjoy being with nature.  Like breathing, walking is so natural to human body giving importance to our feet, saving much time and money being in static motion.
Gardening is also considered fun exercise.  It is fun doing hand works with plants, moving from one place to another, bending, standing or sitting.  A lot of joints o muscles been worked as you care the plants around your house.

Improve any aspect of your life.  Exercise to a healthy life.  Exercise to a good and sound mind, body and soul.

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