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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


     I rarely travel to places I've never been.  That's why I'm a bit in two minds of doing some travel blogs.  But reading this on twitterfeeds,  I am quite interested now on doing some travel blogs.  Actually, I just write whatever comes into mind.  Maybe soon, I'll come up with new blogs like of travel stuffs.  That would be too different way of looking through this beautiful world and enjoy healthy living.

     By the way,  I already have plans for some travel out of hometown for unwinding.  Having some breaks from working too hard for a living.  It's quite rewarding to really be there ( right in the beautiful place once dreamt of). With a special significant other or just with loved ones close to your heart.

TOP PLACES (off country)would be:
1.  Disneyland
2.  Singapore
3.  Hollywood

Oh my!  I'm quite excited now for my passport to arrive and have a great travel abroad.  weeeeeeehhhhhh  =)  I so love riding airplanes!  =)


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    1. Same here! keep visiting! I'm looking forward :-)