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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fruit & Veggie Salad

                I really thought of mixing fruits and vegetables for a change.  It is so because of events from city fiesta to birthdays, Thanksgiving that I can’t avoid eating much meat.  But mind you I’m quite certain this one is quite nutritional.  It really boost one’s appetite.  Eating them raw and fresh is really awesome!  I hope you all like it, too!  Here its is how to prepare a delicious salad like this recipe.  Enjoy! ( my apology I forgot to include an image of the recipe).


3 pcs.  Apple
1 pc.   Pineapple (small size) 
2 pcs. Carrots
1 pc    Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya)
2 pcs. Mexican turnip ( Singkamas)
3 pcs. Cucumber  (Pepino)
Lemon juice extracted from 500 pcs (maximum) of lemons
3 Tablespoons  Sugar


1.  Slice all fruits and vegetables into small cubes except bitter gourd wherein it should be long, slanting  ( or you can slice it any way you want to).
2.  Place them, mixed in a salad bowl.  Set aside.
3.  Mix lemon juice and sugar. Stir to taste ( sweet sour).

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