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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Exercise

To get in shape and stay fit, one must exercise daily.  It does not mean you have to go to gym and use exercise equipments.  In fact I have a video here from Youtube  about an exercise that can be done at home, too!  Actually the key in here is to find a good place you are comfortable exercising and  get physically moving like your muscles as well as your brain (mentally) to attain that physical fit you aim.  You can also do exercise without the exercise equipments usually found in the gym.



Make this you regular physical activity and you’ll get amazing results – improved self-esteem and confidence, decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases, burns calories maintaining one’s weight, improves muscle strength and boost endurance.

Thanks to the person uploaded this video on Youtube.  =)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Person's Anger


  •       You are in a stronger position than the other.  For example, you are the boss, and one of the many    employees you have is angry.
  •       You and the angry person are approximately equal in strength.  Either your spouse, adult relative, friend or neighbor is angry.
  •      The angry person is in a stronger position than you are.  You’re the employee, for example, and the angry person is your boss.

Simple enough, except that in each of the three, your need to dispel the other person’s anger may be great, moderate, or non-existent.  You may believe that the other person’s anger is highly justified somewhat or not justified at all.  And the situation may be one that can be corrected, can be partly corrected, or is finished matter than cannot now be changed.
One of the winner’s most essential abilities is to be able to accept and resolve another person’s anger.  To be able to cope with another’s anger, winners know that they first have the sense of temperance.  A winner sees another person’s anger as merely another barrier to be overcome; a loser wants to use it as an excuse for losing control of himself.
If you automatically respond with anger to someone who’s angry at you, this means that anyone can seize control of your life simply by showing anger. 

8 simple and effective methods of controlling your temper
  • Laugh it off is much better than ignoring another person’s anger.  Acknowledge the other person’s anger quickly.  Listen very well or pay close attention to angry people and tell them that you realize how angry they are.
  • Make it plain that you’re concerned
  • Don’t hurry them.  Be patient in letting them get it all out.  Never try to shut them up as well.  Listen.  In many cases it is all you can do, all you have to do.
  • Keep calm.
  • Ask questions.  Aiming to discover the specific things that should be done to remove or correct the cause of the other person’s anger.  It takes great patience I known
  • Get them talking about solutions.
  • Agree on a solution
  • Set a realistic time frame that you’re sure you can handle.  The successful way is to meet problems today, not postpone them until they’re larger tomorrow.


 Stewed Chicken is so simple to cook.  I think everybody loves it especially boys(men).  It's one of their favorite menu any time of day.

Anyway,  I have here a recipe I learned just by reading.  Actually it is just simply called ADOBO.  I just change the name into Stewed Chicken for in the procedure it is done stewing the chicken in soy sauce and vinegar.

According to the Chef, it is best to use a Japanese soy sauce for it is less salty and more flavorful than the table soy sauce(ordinary).  It is also best to put cracked black pepper, which releases more flavor into the sauce.


1.  Heat 3 tablespoons of cooking oil on high heat in a wok or pot, and throw in four cloves of smashed garlic.
2.  Brown 6-8 pieces of chicken on each side and pour one cup, and pour one cup of soy sauce over them.  Once the soy sauce starts to simmer, pour in half a cup of vinegar, and let it simmer on its own stirring.
3.  Grind or sprinkle half a teaspoon of black pepper into the pot.
4.  Crumple two dried laurel leaves and throw them in.  Cover the pot and turn the heat to low, leaving it to cook for 15 minutes.  Turn over the chicken pieces and leave for another 15 minutes.
5.  Then serve with a fave fruit to have a good appetite.  =)  Happy eating!