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Monday, February 20, 2012



"Marriage is like playing GOLF..." mother of the bride shares to the crowd.  

"Quite a candor speech!" I said to myself.  I'm not quite into weddings but this one celebration makes me have the urge to attend every wedding invitation I got.

Honestly, the event happened last October 2011 but I just post this blog about it, now.  I almost forgot for I have already written a plenty of blogs and then piled up in the box waiting to encode and post.  As usual I used paper and pen when I write.

Anyway, back to the speech about G.O.L.F.,  the mother of the bride is quite cheerful in talking about marriage to the newly wed couple.  A very wholesome speech that's quite true.  Truthfully I haven't been married but what makes me learn about marriage is the people I'm around with.  I'm very single.  The thing is I was quite surrounded with couples of different lifestyles and beliefs, even traditions/ culture lived by themselves.  And true enough in the speech,  I learned a lot in the event.  I have learned so much about values as well as secrets in staying a successful and happy marriage.

In the speech GOLF is actually an acronym of: G-GOD; O- OPEN COMMUNICATION; L-LOVE; & F- FAITHFULNESS.  And here's all about the word:

G- God

            Marriage should be centered with the relationship of our Almighty Father.  God is quite important person in the life of married couples.  Matrimony is a sacrament.

O- Open communication

           In marriage, communication is another important thing.  Relationship is a two way process.  there's a need to have open communication in order to have a better understanding with each other as well as create a harmonious environment at home.

L- Love

            LOVE is what completes in a marriage.  It is a lifetime commitment.  LOVE, just like a tree that blossoms into a flower at first then bears fruits to enjoy eternally.  It is something you do unconditionally without any expectations in return.  It is not only sacrificing to each other but to the unity in a relationship.


F- Faithfulness

             That in marriage should only be your chosen partner and nothing but only him/her in the eternal life as both have promised in the presence of God in church.  Marital love and fidelity are designed to be preserved, not to be lost.
             The wedding party celebration was such a joyous one!  A fun and learning experience.  Hoping for more invitations soon as well as hoping for my dream wedding soon. 


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