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Thursday, February 9, 2012


SENTOSA SINGAPORE as they say is "the Asia's favourite playground" is my upcoming travel in a few months from now.  Of course I'm quite excited for its my very first time to travel away from Philippines, my beloved country, my home.  If not for writing blogs I wouldn't go that far.  Travelling is among the many interests I have in my life.  I'd like to be educated from travel experiences as well as widen my perspective in life.  

Actually it was not said by my tour director but I have a hunch of the place since SENTOSA SINGAPORE is one of the interesting places of the country.  Tour director is the term I use to refer to my brother since he gave me these things(as shown in the picture) to get familiarize with the place as well as maximize my time enjoying SINGAPORE on the said date.  It’ll be a great travel experience then.  Good luck to me!  =)

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