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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sunbath or Sun exposure is still important though it’s super hot these days.  Sun temperature is really increasing from the normal temperature that it’s only best on early morning.  It is important, by the way, because it helps the circulation of blood, for maintainance of good health and disposition, as well as, for recuperation of health from any diseases.

The SUN offers life, gives light and color as well as produces happiness and dissipates darkness.  Existence of any creature is impossible without SUN.  Many diseases will be cured and the illnesses that beset humanity can be prevented with the help of the sun. 

Actually   there are two ways to sunbath.  It is either natural sun exposure or through sun lamp.  Through sunbathing, both healthy and sick be benefited, but it should be done or applied in a reasonable manner and should never be abused.  Special care should be given upon the start of sunbath until the body is used to the action of solar rays.  If one exposes the body to the sun for a long time, serious disturbances may appear right away.

In other countries, sun shines best during spring and autumn.   In the Philippines, it is summer time.  But during these times where the temperature is too hot, it is advisable to put sun protection, and thus should be in appropriate place.   Naturally, it is done in places such as seashores in which sea salt gives wonderful results, but not all can enjoy this so a good terrace is a good alternative.  It is important to always maintain the head and neck under the shade.  Tree shade is preferable.  The body should be exposed to sun in a manner that the solar rays act directly to the skin.  Starting from few minutes and increasing the duration constantly.  At the end of sunbath, it is advisable to have a quick cold shower on the whole body or cold friction with towel.  In this way, blood circulation is activated.

The only thing here is:  One must have to avoid the HOTTEST HOURS of summer to avoid suffocation, more so if the person is not quite used to the solar rays.  IN MODERATION PLEASE!!!

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