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Sunday, April 1, 2012


  Exploring Youtube one day,  I found this video.  From then on, starting to follow their steps,  it came to mind...why not make this my daily dance exercise?  For sure a couple of minutes or a few hours dancing to waka waka following this steps, could make you sweaty day.  Good for cutting extra fats anywhere in your body.  It can also relieves stress from work or from relationships you had.

It also came to mind to share this to my fellow readers of my blogs, so many of us have a healthy bodies, mind and perspective in life.  And we'll all be having a good state or shall I say a balanced life.  Hope you all like the video as well as enjoy.

As a last say  I leave you with what Oprah Winfrey says about exercise.... "There's no easy way out.
If there were, I would have bought it.And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!"

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