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Saturday, September 15, 2012

An interior design ....

     Interior designing is one of my favorite past time.  It's either I clean antique stuffs or really making my own design out of imagination and or recycling stuffs at home.  At this time,  looking back at the photos of previous days shoots, I found this rare and one of a kind electrical design. This photo I got from visiting houses of a relative's relative in the country having  a party and while they are busy chatting each other updating themselves of the latest news.

This is a lightning design at the dining table.  Made up of wooden sticks of plants.

     Actually this is a landscape photo.  I just make it into portrait to look number eight.  Avery attractive design, really! and....  is an eye captivating part of the house.  I love looking at it especially during night time.  It tells something I can't explain!

Beautiful, isn't it?

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