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Friday, October 5, 2012


"RUST is not good,right?"  the father of the groom said when he was asked to give a message of his son's wedding.  

It was the wedding of a relative, and I was one of the audience when that part of the ceremony.  And honestly,  I agree it is not good especially in a relationship.  But then continuing to listen his message, I learned it's the acronym R.U.S.T. he meant to say.  Four letters very important to value in the married life of two persons.

R stands for RESPECT.  One important value when it comes to relationships especially married couples.  It is valuing each other's sensibility in whatever situation.  It is treating each other with consideration with dignity.

U stands for UNDERSTANDING.  Married couples must understand each others flaws and try to work things out together.  Understanding his/her weaknesses, and encourage him/her to have a positivity in the relationship.

S stands for SIMPLICITY.  Life need not to be complicated so live simply and happily.  Simplicity is only the first step of the journey.  Happiness is not found outside of you, so live from the core of your being.  Simplicity is having the time and space to embrace what is important to you.

T stands for TIME.  Value TIME more than money.  Life with more TIME for each other is quite satisfying than the other way around.

Everyone really listened carefully to that part of the ceremony.  It was really amazing!  The whole wedding ceremony was very amazing I cannot say more.  Then the  father of the groom sums it all as "  Don't be afraid to have R.U.S.T..  For it is quite helpful you have it." 

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