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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We wish to introduce the 10 commandments of life and make them known.
  1. Eat as often as three times, but it is healthier to eat twice a day.  Eat nothing between meals as it is necessary for the stomach to rest.
  2. The more simple the food the better it is for the stomach.  Choose simple food and have either fruit or vegetable, never both at the same meal.  Choose those which are in season and produced in the country.  It is realistic and more economical.  The food should be gathered and prepared just before eating.
  3. Fruits and vegetables should never be combined.  Always choose one or the other.
  4. The first condition toward good health is to eat leisurely and masticate it well.  The question of disease or health is settled in the mouth and rests on mastication.
  5. Do not drink while eating.  Take liquids before or after the meal.  Otherwise there will be trouble in digesting.
  6. Salt should be avoided as much as possible especially in raw foods, because it causes rheumatism and injures the liver and kidneys.  Never use vinegar; it is very injurious.
  7. Sweeten milk only with honey for with sugar, it causes fermentation.
  8. Eat more or less of what is valuable.  The majority of persons become sick and dies before their time, because they continually put something in the stomach, loading it with too much food.
  9. Be happy at the table and be thankful to God for all His mercies.  Avoid excitement and anger and give the digestive organs an opportunity to function well.
  10. Movement is the brother of digestion.  If there is scarcity of movement for quite a while we suffer with indigestion and become sick.  If your work is intellectual, never work immediately after eating for it hinders the digestion, thus helping to bring on illness.  Without movement we can have neither strength nor health. 
          “BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU’RE HALFWAY THERE” Theodore Roosevelt

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