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Friday, November 18, 2011


“Shrimps are best cooked when stir-fried, sautéed, and grilled,” says me.  And yes you read it right!  SHRIMPS can be grilled.  At first I’m in two minds with grilled shrimps.  I haven’t eaten yet I guess, looking back the past recipes mom shared.  But when I try this recipe, I really can say “Shrimps are deliciously great when grilled.”
Well, to prepare this menu, first thing to do is: clean the shrimp by rinsing the shrimps in shells with water.  Remove the hairs.  Next thing is to sprinkle with lemon juice and salt.  Then, Place the shrimps on rack and brush top with melted butter.  Then grill at 246°C for 10 minutes.
 Very healthy and satisfying, isn’t it?  If I were you, better try this low-calorie menu.  Shrimps are quite beneficial for its high protein & iron content.  

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