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Sunday, December 11, 2011


                I’m quite certain everyone would agree, it’s a necessity to have at least one wallet.  I know everyone has it, big or small and even in different shapes, expensive or cheap, colorful ones.  It’s one thing an individual’s personality and social status explain.
Not chronologically arranged, here are my top 5 important things a wallet must have:
1.        MONEY.
Of course, it is where money must be kept especially when travelling.  It wouldn’t be called wallet without any money--- bills or coins in it.  Whether a small amount of money or big amount of money, It is always the wallet where money should be.

It is quite necessary also for a wallet to have Identification Cards of the owner.  It may be returned easily when lost.  Besides, whenever you had business tansactions, you can easily find it in your bag.  The bag must have a wallet inside!

3.        KEYS.
I am certain there are types of wallets that hold keys. Three is the least, this is found near the coins side.  There are really products such as this out in the market since years ago.

4.        PICTURES.
Pictures are among the important things in the wallet because it is to remember persons close to your heart.  Believe me, a wallet is where you put your treasures while having a journey.  Am I right?  And these pictures are considered valuable photos or memories to be kept.

For me it quite important because as the song goes… “Always keep a little prayer in your pocket and you’re sure to see the light….”  Anybody would never go wasting his/her treasures or money be reminded by the rosary or even a short prayer card.

                I think there’s more but I just mentioned five.  How about you? What are other important things a wallet must have?  

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