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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living a stressful life?

You don't have to go off on an expensive vacation to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Instead, make small adjustments to your everyday life and feel the change within you and of nature, too!

First you need to have a clean and healthy surroundings for you to breathe easy. The air that is highly charged and polluted stresses our body without you even knowing it. It's either you have a good landscape outside your house w/ trees or plants not just to beautify your home but also purifies the air; or have a window screens in your house and maintain its cleanliness every month/ couple of months.

Second step is to take a break in your work or what activity you are in for a day, that is , coffee break, walk instead to stretch your muscles and get heart beating and blood circulates well.

Third, when sitting during work or even family bonding like watching movie, position your back straight and yopur head directly on top of your spine so you won't strain.

Fourth, Drink lots of fluids. Replenish your body especially with water and wash away bad elements/toxins from your digestive tract. Drinking water is much more important than eating alone. Pure fruit juices also helps flush away toxins out of your body.

Lastly, take a minute or more everyday to be completely quiet. Close your eyes, empty your mind of doubts and worries. This is also one way of taking your senses to rest temporarily. feel your body. Your Body, mind and soul really goes together, and when you meet these in equilibrium, you'll attain tha happiness and healthful glow as well as success in your goals and dreams. Life is short so might as well enjoy everything what is given by God.


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